Design Services

Your space is all about you. Here, we try to understand you and your expectations. We work with you on finding the right balance between aesthetics and functionality, while we also ensure that budget, time and quality goals are met.

Space Planning, Design
& Execution

This service is for clients who need design & layouts and need periodic site visits to check on the execution done by their contractors. We provide working drawings for easy execution. All designs are checked by us and a guideline is laid to take the project ahead.

Turnkey Projects

Here, we will reinvent your space from top-to-bottom. This includes design, budget, execution, sourcing, purchase & accessorizing which will all be taken care of by us.

Design & Consultancy

This service is similar to the first one except that we only provide the client with design & layouts along with all working drawings. Further, the client executes the project using his own contractors.

Space Styling

We provide services to assist you to make your space look cosy and warm or even luxurious. Here we help you decorate and style to give your space the extra warmth!

Terrace Design &

Bringing the outdoors to the indoors is a new trend! We help design backyards, terraces and balconies to have beautiful extensions of the outdoors into your indoor space! We help in identifying plants and greenery along with other features like fountains and birdbaths and structures like pergolas into your spaces!

Renovations & Refurbishment

Livelywood helps in assisting you in renovation projects. Be at flats, bungalows or farmhouses. We also love to recycle and reuse and believe in refurbishment.

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