Blending the old with the new
Blending the old with the new, creating a space that perfectly balances aspects of our heritage and tradition with a more modern simplicity of form and functionality – is this what you want in your home? Well, this marriage of aesthetic styles is what we have incorporated in this home of Bagdares!
Let’s start with elements of this home. The Bagdares were clear about 2 things, their small balcony was quite a wasted space and hence they wanted to make a book reading nook and they wanted their terrace to be converted into a dining space! While this home has ethnic décor which is rich in colour, pattern and a mix of materials, it also has the antithesis of a modern house design. All over the space, you will see the style that blends the intricate design elements of ethnic décor with the cleaner lines of western minimalism. The overall effect creates simple, straight-lined spaces where smaller details, decorative aspects and traditional patterns are allowed to shine!
If you’re looking for small balcony to be converted into a a space which can be used better, check out what we did to it! We made a day bed with a pullout bed which serves the dual purpose of taking care of seating arrangements and offering extra storage space. We created a vertical bookshelves on either side which maximises the number of books they can store without sacrificing the floor space! Together they create a cosy and earthy atmosphere.
When it comes to bringing warmth and texture to a room, paying attention to your floors and walls is important, but your ceilings—aka the crown of any room—deserve some love too. We opted for slimmer patterned ceiling for this living room setting that feels both cozy and formal, relaxing and stimulating. Not to forget the exposed teakwood beams add textural detail and visual intrigue in addition to a framing quality that makes other elements pop.
We also installed a teakwood column to divide the long space between the living and dining. We treated the column itself as a work of art and showcased an ornate carving while polishing a glossy finish! It has now become the focal point of the space!IMG 8815Thinner strips of moulding have worked perfectly to create slim panels that look expensive and classy. The long wall gets a break from its expanse and yet looks elegant! This has made the decor look eye-catching!
When we planned a dining area which previously was a terrace, we thought it should be just as inviting as the one inside—even if it’s smaller. An eye-catching pendant light is a great way to jazz up the space which makes it look very chic!. To ensure it blends into the rest of the space, we looked for wall plates and greenery that were incorporated in a very nature-inspired space against the blue wall! We then decorate your table with furnishings and candles that create comfort and cosiness for long cups of tea and conversation!
Lastly, replacing a run-of-a-mill main door is an eye-catching front entryway idea.Here, we replaced the door to give it a very British look which combined modern metal grill and a wicker arch which has been a part of the design inside this home. The splash of bright bold blue against the white facade looks cheerful and inviting! We added succulent planting for a unique front door display!IMG 8112From the floor to the moulding on walls and wood paneled ceiling, this open plan space is a texturally rich oasis. And the mix of raw materials with a bold yet a serene color scheme along with laidback wicker furniture strikes the ideal balance for a modern and edgy yet classic ethnic escape.


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