Boho-chic Rhapsody – Moroccan Bohemian Interior Design
Warm like sunshine and as keen as ever, I did this little budget home for a friend named Tanu. An IT gal from Delhi is now a home owner in my very own city of Pune. We started out with a lot of civil work since the apartment is pretty old. Changing tiles, plumbing, window treatments and a lot of such work took us a while to get to the interiors of her home. Meanwhile it gave us ample time to think over a theme for this cozy place. Hence, it was decided that an enchanting, warm look of Moroccan-bohemian interior design will be a delightful and captivating style for her!
We started with patterned tiles. Tiles add that touch of WOW into your Moroccan- bohemian decor and we used it for her kitchen and the wash basin area. The tones of rust, turquoise and browns of the tiles blend in to the rustic look of her space.
Large patterned windows are a must for such a décor but since we had a tight budget, we worked with the interior of the window. We gave a slightly worn, almost shabby chic feel to it and they did look pleasantly aged!
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Since Tanu’s apartment is small we decided to work with whites and sunshine yellow on the walls. Alongside a cooler palette of brilliant white, we chose wood. When we started work in her kitchen, she mentioned she wanted a simple breakfast table with stools and a small bar beside it. She wanted a comfy seating especially when she came home from work. So we started a building a simple breakfast table with a small wall mounted bar. Since we chose Moroccan-bohemian as our theme, we decided to carve them out and give it a brilliant blue laced with golden against a neutral backdrop of the white washed walls.
To make it more fun we hung a golden bronze lamp which created an ambient, seductive look and had a wonderful addition of pattern which splashes out during the evenings when switched on.
Boho-chic Livings Space
Defining a mood and theme for the living room influences color selection. Soft gold with rich maroons and midnight blue created a romantic version of a Moroccan-bohemian color scheme here. We worked on low seating a few inexpensive floor cushions, carved elements, and simple rug. Since an ornate touch to this room was essential, we made a long horizontal mirror with bold gold motifs and to spice it up, we made a golden blended rustic, carved coffee table. Later we adorned the walls with masks and traditional drapes.
Refurbished Turquoise Main Door
The main door had its own charm. This door was in her aisle of her apartment, and which was totally unnecessary. Hence we took it off and painted it deep turquoise blue. We bought a solid iron grid from a flea store and gave it this magnificent golden look. We had a lovely refurbished main door with its new safety features. How could we forget that the entrance to any home has to be intriguing?!
Green Rich Bedroom
Moving to her bedroom, she wanted it to be subtle and fresh. We chose a palette of lime green, white and golden. Placed a rug and did her dresser splendidly!
Lastly we moved to this extra room she has where she wanted to give it a total boho chic look! A spare room where an office was made with all her peculiar things displayed. It got enhanced with a lovely poster of a very popular Bollywood film along with puppets and books and a huge toy car! So, here is a room with bright colours, crazy patterns and artistic atmosphere.
Mix of boho chic and Morroccon is what we gave this small apartment its makeover! A small space with a vintage feel, a rustic style, loads of romance yet a whole lot stylish!


Tanu Jolly Product Manager Capgemini

“Working with Sonia and her team, was an excellent constructive process. She helped me fix my place with all the civil work and together we agreed a brief, the interior design concepts and overall budget, which was limited. She effectively took over and managed the whole process but always keeping me informed and agreeing with me, everything from developing the designs for each room, and the items to be ordered. She also arranged quality local tradesmen to do the required sourcing, electrical and carpentry work. Throughout, The Livelywood team arranged the delivery schedule, the installation and ensured the rooms were completed in line with the agreed design, schedule and budget. Overall a good job done with excellent project management. I am very happy with the results and living in my new home.”
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