Farmhouse by the lake
Taking old things and making them new again is architecture’s seemingly endless challenge, one that sparks inspiration for us designers! In our family farmhouse we have used common elements like trims, fabricated railings, and a terracotta roof that puts a sleeker spin on them for a home that’s streamlined but still connected to its natural surroundings. This farmhouse runs the gamut from simple remodels to entirely new structures, more inventive and elegant!

Designing in the right backyard deck ideas can make the difference between an outdoor space that’s just nice to look at, and one that becomes a real extension of your home.

On this deck, we have added a variety of seating options for the ultimate social space. Choosing day beds with large pillows, a bucket swing and some scattered paint barrels up scaled into stools and tall ones too to face and converse with friends and family.

Along the way, the backyard is also an essential factor. This lakeside backyard is sheltered by a sun-dappled garden and canopy of a very dramatic tree which makes it dreamy and inviting. We have upcycled some barrels and drums, hand painted them so that we can use them as tables. At the same time, we have given some features of a self lit pond and lounge seating which overlooks the water. And lastly, we have hung some string lights for extra style points.

Designing and making a farmhouse comfortable, provides a terrific foundation for a home-sweet-home getaway. Include touches that speak to your style. Everything used in this space is either hand-made, recycled or upcycled and designed with great love!

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