Glamour of indian decor
In this luxury home in the vicinity of Baner, the Patkars needed a makeover from their existing space. They indeed have a beautiful home but over years, they wanted to change the decor. So here is what we did to their space!
Let’s start the tour with the front door! The front door is often the focal point of a home exterior – a door is the first thing guests see when they arrive, it’s the last thing they contemplate after leaving, something to remember the house by!
Vertical slats allow for guarded visual continuity, allowing light to filter through an otherwise heavy-looking door. The glass name plate is another interesting touch along with little decoratives around!
They had a small and drab entrance. This little entryway we designed is a great example of a small but impactful space. We maximized limited space with a built-in grey closet for shoes and essentials. Then he covered the wall in eye-catching wooden louvers with a big bold D-shaped mirror to break up all the white space. It’s the perfect complement to the different textures used here!
From a huge 10 feet dining table to a space to accommodate a smaller dining area and a place for more personal chichat is what they wanted. Empty corners tend to stick out and make otherwise beautiful rooms look awkward. In fact, no space is complete until all of its nooks are lovingly decorated. Sometimes all it takes is accent chairs, a gallery wall, or an indoor plant. And yeah, for an even more swoon-worthy backdrop, we installed a lovely patterned wallpaper to blend the textures dramatically in this space! So here, we transformed the bulky area to an ethnic decor with all the above!
Moving to the other side, the space designed for Parkar’s is characterized by warm colours, rich textures and intricate patterns is classified as an Indian interior. With ever green sofas and textured wall paper and plants this space emits grace and culture of our country! We have used bright and bold shades, especially in the earthy palette which are typically associated with a room with an Indian aesthetic. Another common aspect that evokes an Indian aesthetic is a space surrounded by souvenirs, artworks and a diversity of décor elements all collected by the lady of the house!
In today’s home, there is a balance achieved between Indian elements in a contemporary home, or what is known as the India modern aesthetic and this is what the Patkar residence is all about!
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