Lakeside Resort – Rutugandh
Amidst the hills and by the Khadakwasla lake is this beautiful resort called Rutugandh. Away from the hustle bustle of the city, it sits in its own world and we loved designing every bit of it! We had an opportunity to design 6 units and each one is unique in its own way. Let’s start with the first one…
Is there any feeling like finally arriving at the hotel and stretching out on that freshly-made bed? There is often just something relaxing and calming about your room and that’s exactly what we have tried to do here!
Addition to this, we have added quality bedding to make it comfy! Never underestimate the power of your bedding, which can quickly take the experience from sleeping in a great bed to sleeping on a cloud!
We choose neutral and green to set a tone to a tranquil environment. Yet complemented them by some subtle patterns. Some indoor plants also helped here!
This room has one extra brilliant feature: the dead area under the staircase. We put a mattress, added a few cushions, styles it up and now it makes space for an extra adult. Not just visually pleasing but we made a cosy snug, plushy bed nook to make the space incredibly inviting!
This room is a duplex and has a lovely tucked-away bedroom. It may be small, but it’s filled with character, colour and a personal lived-in touch.
We opted for a small round bedside table to reduce the footprint of the furniture.Strategic styling is key when it comes to decorating a small bedroom. Hence we placed a mirror and it is certainly a clever way to reflect light!
Now let us shift focus to the next bedroom with a green brick wall! A green bedroom has strong links to nature, and its revitalising aspects. Here, we look at a spectrum of green shades and colour combinations, from the classic pairing of green to yellows to tips and tricks for mixing jewel tones, how green bricked walls can work in small bedrooms, and the best use of other colours to sooth the tones!
Lastly, we had a lovely open space to design a dorm room. Here is a sneak peek at one of its rooms with a 4 persons occupancy. We called it a dorm room and why so, see it for yourself!
With the high ceiling and ample light, we have cheered up the room with ambient lighting, and some clamp-on bed lights! And of course how can a space look so soothing without the greenery? They make the space magically cosy and inviting!
We raised a platform and put 2 king size beds to create a whole new feel in this bedroom. This also helped us separate the sleeping and living area!
A lounge area is a must to provide a place for guests to sit or relax that isn’t on the bed. This has created the perfect spot for reading, relaxing, or enjoying your morning coffee, and is as simple as including a comfy chair and a trendy side table!
Lastly, we layered the beds and shades with patterned green material which has added interest to a bedroom scheme. This space with its neat patterned linens and plentiful cushions in hues of dove white and terracotta which makes it warm and inviting!
Hence completing this beautiful resort project which brings so much cosiness! We also got a review saying that their clients loved it and would love to keep coming for all the warmth and luxury!


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