Quaint Cafe Interiors- Eatmosphere It Is…..
The Hanging Sign Board outside the Café :
I am so sorry for not being around in the month of March. I totally missed being on the blog but time just flew and I didn’t get my hands on till today. Anyway this month, I have a whole new exciting feature and that is “Eatmosphere”. Now that might sound a bit odd but let me explain. The reason I have been away from my blog for so many days is because I was working on this beautiful cosy café owned by my dear friends Rhuta & Manish.
This is how Eatmosphere look from outside:
Manish & Rhuta behind their healthy and tasty Menu Counter designed by Kanchan :
This wonderful couple has a quaint story about how they landed up starting this little eatery of soup, salad, sandwiches, crêpes, & chillers. Manish a guy so passionate about food started off as a chef at Taj, Mumbai and then switched to a whole new world of IT. Rhuta has always been in IT and worked for IBM while in India. The duo shifted to Dubai and made a stressful living working for 12 hours a day in the field they thought was right for them. As time passed, they realised that life was much more than slogging. The feeling of owning, sharing and meeting different people would make them happier than earning a good salary without any personal life. And hence, they decided that they have had enough and want to achieve their little dream of owning a place where they can serve a wholesome meal with love and keeping health in mind. And this is how Eatmosphere budded after a lot of hardwork from all of us.
Glimpse of the cafe :
Now you might want to know why I am talking about all this? Well my friend Kanchan and I, did play a fair part in this project…yes I did the interiors while Kanchan who owns Southpaw Creatives designed their logo, menu, did the marketing & communication collaterals and above all suggested the name Eatmosphere! She too is a wonderful artist who also did up my logo and came up with the wonderful name Lively-wood for wich I recieve a lot of compliments! The rest of my blog is going to be the pictures of the place, the signboards and the little nook and corners of Eatmosphere.
The mezzanine seating with warm comfortable seatee designed by me :
Another cute African Corner…I love the amalgamation of colour here!
In the above two pictures, I have tried to provide different types of seating…each comfortable, cosy, gives a choice of seating high or low and breaks the monotony of the place. My idea was that, everytime someone comes to grab a bite, they should want to try a new seating which is unlike the one they’ve tried before. One more beautiful and interesting feature about this part of the café is its flooring which makes the whole place different, I mean very different! Infact when I started doing the interiors, I was very pleased to see that the mezzanine did not have tiles. I decided against tiling this corner and did what my friend Sheetal has done at his ashram called the The Urban Ashram. So here is a picture of the flooring to see what is different…..
The leafed floor :
The washroom area :
Though small, we wanted this area to be pleasant and comfortable for people to freshen up. In the whole process, I did not want to forget about the colours and theme at the same time make the place seem bigger than it is. Hence the combination of blue and turquoise with a mirror facing the café worked in our favour.
The Lover’s Corner as I call it…
This is another nook outside the café that I really like. It is secluded, colourful and awfully cosy! I call the orange and red stools, Oranges ‘n’ Cherries and the little table Kesariya which contrast and gel with the ‘Geru’ or Teracotta flooring!
Some more outdoor seating..
Hand-painted turquoise-blue table which has a great combination of metal, wood, tile in-lays and glass
There is another concept we have tried to promote…the idea of recycle! Manish and Rhuta lost a lot of cups & glasses in their shipment from Dubai to Pune, I was thrilled to see them and decided to make use of the lovely colourful crockery. We also got hold of some bottles which was basically going to be trashed and restored them and check what and how we’ve used them!
The Recycle Corner
So this is the café and this is the work we all did to make it so bright, colourful, welcoming, cosy and of course, can’t forget the food. Hope you have liked it and I would love to have comments and suggestions on it! Till then, if you wanna grab a bite, Eatmosphere is open from 10a.m. to 10p.m. in Wanorie, Pune in the lane of Kedari Petrol Pump.
For more details on branding, logo designing, advertising and more, please contact Kanchan @ +91 (0)9011012454 or just send an email to kanchan.gokhale@gmail.com
For more details on Eatmosphere, please call Manish +91(0)9967514019 or just send an email to rajpalmanish@gmail.com


Manish Rajpal Owner & Chef – Eatmoshpere

Establishing our cafe, Eatmosphere was like giving birth to a baby. You want everything about it to be extra special, you want to careful about every detail. When you think of any cafe, what flashes in front of your eyes is a commercial place. We wanted each nook and corner to have a personal touch. Sonia did up the cafe and with that also came each table that was hand painted. the picture frames and artifacts on the walls were all hand made. Infact the painters dabbed all the walls with a piece of cloth in the cafe. the team searched for a special leaf that was used as a motif for the floor. mirrors with art were used to make the space look bigger. While importing our glassware, a few cups got damaged. Sonia quickly turned them into planters and we were happy we dint have to throw away the cups. while art was the highlight of the cafe, Sonia made it convenient for our chefs too. This was critical as we had an open kitchen and quick access to equipment was much needed during rush hours. The hand wash and sink area were separated using a simple but trendy glass and fabric partition. Each corner of the cafe had a different seating arrangement…from couches to poofs and sofas. Our customers wanted to come to the cafe not only to try our food but also to enjoy and relax reading books from our little cafe library and spend time in each corner. I would say the Eatmosphere is the quaintest cafe in town!!
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