Sports cabinet for the youngest indian iron man

Ever since the kitchen pantries get organised, we move the next bit of the kids rooms which is the new leader for the the messiest, least organized space in the house. But here, with the Kudtarkars, the story is a bit different! Yohaan one of the youngest Ironman in India who is just 19,  needed to get a sports cabinet built in for his future feats. With his cycles, and fins and running gear, he needed something to be more organized and easy to access. But good news was, it got a major upgrade!!

So here we go… 3 cycles, a trainer, fins, accessories, weights, all his medals from marathons and many small things needed a place. Vertical bike storage was the best solution for an apartment of the Kudtarkars.  So we mounted hooks, brackets and other hardware only on studs to have most stuff on the walls.  The other things did need drawers to  arrange items in a more space-efficient way.


For inspiration, we’ve rounded up some elements of Iron Man in this cabinet! They were thoughtful enough to please any sophisticated design enthusiast, but even more importantly, this wall art gave a huge WOW factor!

And lastly a Before & After picture!


It just feels great when all my sports gear is in one place. I hated the fact that my room was always cluttered with all my accessories, cycles, trainers which I need everyday for my training for ironman. So my mother and I decided to get it done from Livelywood! Since they are known for their creativity and and give top priority to functionality, I was sure all my stuff would be well laid out! They began by asking me to lay out all my stuff I needed to rack and organize. Right from wrist bands to yoga mats to the big cycles had to be fitted. And voila….all of it was designed and was accurately placed, even 3 cycles were fitted perfectly on just one wall of my room! Now when I think of what I need, I just simply get it because it has a place! Now talking about creativity, the stand looked drab and it needed a funk factor. So picking up the theme of ironman, we got the entire cabinet painted with hashtag quotes and an awesome cyclist ! I loved the work done by Livelywood, it makes my practice so much hassle free and makes my room look awesome….gives a total wow factor!


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