The morpankh home
The first thing that I registered here was how much Harshal, my client, wanted a Morpankh or a peacock feathered theme in her house! The Morpankh home décor theme is not only distinctive, but also eye-catching and yet uncommon. So lets see how it all shaped up!
Living room
Since we chose our living room wall to be decorated with a Morpankh wallpaper, we kept the rest of the decor minimalist. decorating; it should be utilized as an accent that gives just the proper amount of color to your living room. The furniture has modest colors of white and beige, with white walls, and ivory curtains!
We have opted to include supplemental items such as a bright cushion covered with a ethnic touch, a beautifully sketched Buddha and a bird painting by Harshal and small accessories to add icing to the cake.
The bold Tanjore Radha Krishna painting might not be the most obvious choice for a foyer, but in Harshal’s house, it’s a total showstopper! We played the historic glamour with the Gods of Hindu mythology making it look bold and inviting!
From grabbing a quick bite to to chatting with your master chef as she prepares a scrumptious meal or even adding an extra workstation or a breakfast bar countertop, this breakfast counter mentions some stunning aesthetics! Harshal not only works here but claims to do all the above! a Space well used!
Wash Basin
Unlike the rest of the house, a simple earthy tone of the wash basin area can also lend a tranquil element. A basic granite counter top wash basin paired with walls with a wallpaper, subtle yet a hint of gold is a unique way to add a hint of brutalist style to your designs.

Harshal’s Study

Study rooms are supposed to give you a mindful ambience to work. And this study is an ideal one! The room has a mixture of soothing white and earthy wooden tones that adds tranquility. To add to the little eclectic touch, the desk ordered from Pepperfy makes it look very chic! And lastly, the jingle of the fountain gives a calming feel!
Dhaval’s Study
While renovating a teenager’s balcony, we invested in a classic way and had a little more fun with his old toys, guitar, synthesiser all laced on the wall. A cosy rounded seat with printed cushions has brought a sense of youthfulness to this space! Plus, it needed to be versatile enough to grow with him through the precious years he has at home! And what more? A teenager always likes his privacy!


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