A House Of Eternal Spring!
I know it has been so long since I wrote on…I missed it! And now….I no more want to wait. I have been wanting to show you this home…our family home which has spring in it all year round. It is also a home full of art and colour…
It all starts with a beautiful lush green garden and a pretty dainty entrance full of knick knacks. Our family is a strange mixture of artists who sing, paint, sew etc…and you shall see that pretty soon.
From the porch we enter a small entrance which is always decorated differently. Bipin’s mother is one of the most creative women I have ever see. Right from the garden into her antiques, she mixes her knick knacks and displays them beautifully.
This house is designed in such a way that everything looks spacious. The living room has two arched entrances, the ceiling is about 22 feet high. Even its staircase is as wide as ever! Warm hanging lamps light up the space making the white wall look fresh and serene. It also brings out the colour and beauty of all the artwork displayed in this home.
This wall hanging a patchwork made by the lady of this house. The fall colours inspired her to make such a beautiful work of art.
A low seating with its upholstery made with the pieces of cloth she salvages from her sewing makes this corner in the living room look lovely. There are fresh flowers and white desi print curtains…just always around here…
She also painted this little low coffee table and made something so bright and wonderful out of a plain white table!
One other beautiful feature that has been sketched and painted is a wall in a small corner room of this house. This was has been made for all the 3 grandchildren they have. Its a wall where all kids gaze and learn so much.
There is so much more in this home…our home. I won’t bother explaining things, just scroll down and take a look!
Some more of her artwork, her hobbies which translates into a wonderful home…
And yes…this is that very half bucket which Bhoole Bisre makes where the milkman put the milk in. Its always safe from stray cats!
Isn’t this home cozy, artistic, lovely and beautiful….we love how every bit of it is worked on…we love how it is green and flowers everyday…and that’s why we call it ” a house of Eternal Spring…its wonderful!


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