The Japandi Style

Pallavi and I are a minimalist couple. But Indian minimalist style takes on a slightly different approach compared to western counterparts. We loved how Sonia used subtle colours with monochromatic patterns in our home. For our size home, she has used sleek furniture, sharp angles, and a left bare wall that makes our space look open and airy! Right from the safety door to the curtains, her involvement and experience in home design was seamless. Love our space and how it turned out!

Ajay Nalawade

Pallavi Shinde

IT Professionals

Pandit Javdekar &

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Rahul Pandit

Director & Owner at Pandit Javdekar Associates

The Morpankh Home

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Harshal Varkhedkar

Data Analyst & BI Trainer

BMC Software Cafeteria
– Bangalore


Kiran Kundlingar Senior Manager – India & APAC | Facilities & Real Estate

The Minimalist Home-
Beyond & Beautiful

Testimonial 2-min

Mitalika Shah & Megha Shah

CA Inter & KPMG Certified

Karthik’s House Interior

While designing our house Sonia did a great job of translating our thoughts and ideas into the concept and delivering the concept as a wonderful experience.They began by asking me to lay out all my stuff I needed to rack and organize. Right from wrist bands to yoga mats to the big cycles had to be fitted. And voila….all of it was designed and was accurately placed, even 3 cycles were fitted perfectly on just one wall of my room! While designing our house Sonia did a great job of translating our thoughts and ideas into the concept and delivering the concept as a wonderful experience.
Our requirements about a rustic, minimalistic yet elegant and functional home were tactfully captured and have been brought to fruition with attention to finer nuances and cost effective refinements.
Here’s wishing Sonia all the luck and progress!

Karthik Krishnan

Project Manager at Emerson Export Engineering Centre

Terrace for Romeo
& Juliet

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Sonia totally surprised us when she converted our mundane terrace into something that looked straight out of an uber kool Pinterest or Instagram post! She added some floor seating,some greenery, some furniture and lit up the place with magical fairy lights. Wow..the place looked picture perfect! On the other side she added sleek chairs to our terrace bar counter and gave us a place from where we can now sit and gaze at the Pune mountains. What a view! Thanks Sonia for this fantastic makeover!!

Harshada Madgulkar-Utgikar

Script Writer & Filmmaker

The Youngest Indian
Iron Man

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Deepu-1024x576 2-min
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It just feels great when all my sports gear is in one place. I hated the fact that my room was always cluttered with all my accessories, cycles, trainers which I need everyday for my training for ironman. So my mother and I decided to get it done from Livelywood! Since they are known for their creativity and and give top priority to functionality, I was sure all my stuff would be well laid out! They began by asking me to lay out all my stuff I needed to rack and organize. Right from wrist bands to yoga mats to the big cycles had to be fitted. And voila….all of it was designed and was accurately placed, even 3 cycles were fitted perfectly on just one wall of my room! Now when I think of what I need, I just simply get it because it has a place! Now talking about creativity, the stand looked drab and it needed a funk factor. So picking up the theme of ironman, we got the entire cabinet painted with hashtag quotes and an awesome cyclist ! I loved the work done by Livelywood, it makes my practice so much hassle free and makes my room look awesome….gives a total wow factor!

Yohaan Kudtarkar

Student at Dresden University

BMC Software –


Kiran Kundlingar Senior Manager – India & APAC | Facilities & Real Estate

Ethnic Home


Vijayalaxmi Iyer Faculty – Global Indian International School

Home Office –
Chic & Contemporary


Sayali Shende POSH Consultant|Effectiveness Maximiser

Testimonial For Street
Style Quaint Cafe


Manish Rajpal Owner & Chef – Eatmoshpere

Establishing our cafe, Eatmosphere was like giving birth to a baby. You want everything about it to be extra special, you want to careful about every detail. When you think of any cafe, what flashes in front of your eyes is a commercial place. We wanted each nook and corner to have a personal touch. Sonia did up the cafe and with that also came each table that was hand painted. the picture frames and artifacts on the walls were all hand made. Infact the painters dabbed all the walls with a piece of cloth in the cafe. the team searched for a special leaf that was used as a motif for the floor. mirrors with art were used to make the space look bigger. While importing our glassware, a few cups got damaged. Sonia quickly turned them into planters and we were happy we dint have to throw away the cups. while art was the highlight of the cafe, Sonia made it convenient for our chefs too. This was critical as we had an open kitchen and quick access to equipment was much needed during rush hours. The hand wash and sink area were separated using a simple but trendy glass and fabric partition. Each corner of the cafe had a different seating arrangement…from couches to poofs and sofas. Our customers wanted to come to the cafe not only to try our food but also to enjoy and relax reading books from our little cafe library and spend time in each corner. I would say the Eatmosphere is the quaintest cafe in town!!

Traditional Marathi Waada

The first time I saw my 3-BHK flat, I knew that I want to utilize its spacious appeal to the maximum. My husband and in-laws hail from a small town Satara and owned a conventional “Waadaa” there. I wanted to recreate the charm of traditional waadaa for my family. I was looking out for a passionate, creative and easy on my pocket kind of a decorator. Sonia was an obvious choice, considering her “out of the box” designs and unending craving for natural colors and natural finish to anything she creates. We worked a lot together as most of our choices matched – may it be the idea of using “Khann” for curtains or decorating the place with natural rosewood furniture! My idea of getting a photo shoot done with my family in one of the real wadaas in Pune in traditional Maharashtrian attire was further enhanced through beautiful wooden frames with intricate carvings for the photos. She believes in balancing aesthetics with functionality, I can surely say that after staying there for 6 months. I think that makes her stand out from the typical commercial interior designers. She truly transformed my lifeless flat into a beautiful, lively HOME!
Thanks a ton,

Dr. Shalaka Shah Head of Department – Psychology, MIT World Peace University, Pune

Business Excellence Researcher, Steinbeis School of International Business & Entrepreneurship, Germany

A Contemporary Home

For me my home is my comfort zone, a place where I relax, read, invite tons of guests, and strongly believe in keeping my house neat and tidy. For me it was very important that the space is managed well as it is a 2-BHK apartment. I love open windows and a lot of sunlight, therefore the color scheme had match this requirement. It was a prerequisite that I have enough storage in the small apartment. I have a penchant for contemporary style interiors. I like to simplify things. I like geometric patterns and fresh colors. Sonia had a great understanding of requirements and readily designed appropriate furniture and offered a varied choice in the colour scheme. My daughter had some fixed ideas about the colour scheme like she wanted a yellow sofa in the living room and Sonia suggested a gorgeous color scheme of grey, yellow, white and brown for the living room. I think Sonia has a disciplined way or working, tries her best to follow deadlines and very professional in her approach to work. I have received many compliments for my home and I am very happy with how Sonia has designed and decorated my home!
All the Best,

Shubhangi Deshpande Divisional Manager, New India Assurance Co. Ltd., Pune

Trustee & Treasurer Nari Samata Manch, Pune

Frida Kahlo Mirror

I wanted to add some fun piece in my all-white room. So Sonia painted this otherwise boring mirror frame with a pop of colours & the quirk of Frida Kahlo. And I love the form of lotuses, so she even incorporated those seamlessly 🙂

Vishakha Joshi Owner of Restaurant – Darshan, Pune

Bohemian Moroccan Themed


Tanu Jolly Product Manager Capgemini

“Working with Sonia and her team, was an excellent constructive process. She helped me fix my place with all the civil work and together we agreed a brief, the interior design concepts and overall budget, which was limited. She effectively took over and managed the whole process but always keeping me informed and agreeing with me, everything from developing the designs for each room, and the items to be ordered. She also arranged quality local tradesmen to do the required sourcing, electrical and carpentry work. Throughout, The Livelywood team arranged the delivery schedule, the installation and ensured the rooms were completed in line with the agreed design, schedule and budget. Overall a good job done with excellent project management. I am very happy with the results and living in my new home.”

Bedrooms Of A
Teacher & A Dancer


Maithily Bhupatkar Contemporary Dance Therapist

If you are looking to combine aesthetics with everyday functionality, then Sonia is the best consultant to seek. I’ve always yearned for a space that is colourful, cultural and representative of the person I am. Now that is easy. What is challenging is keeping it minimal and utilitarian within this aesthetic structure. I’ve received the best ideas from her – whether it was the use of ghungroos for drawer handles or the use of double switches by the bedside, her candid guidance was refreshing. Her process reflects her various travels and experience of other cultures and spaces. Her individual interest in fine art also adds to her involvement in the project. She doesn’t shy away from sharing her opinion nor is she overbearing with her choices. She truly loves her work, therefore the spaces she creates, in most certainty, will always be loved.

Mirror Stories


Dr. Deepa Sumant Founder of Mirror Stories Spa & Salon

Roopa Deshmukh Co-founder at Mirror Stories Spa & Salon

When Sonia designed our Salon & Spa, she put forth 2 important points, one was that the salon needs to look out of the world, very unique and it has to make clients feel, tranquil, rejuvenated and beautiful. Every corner has to make the client feel welcomed. What amazes us is her creativity and the way she has designed and structured the place. She studied every bit of the place including special machines we use, haircut areas, spa, pedicure manicure section and gave top priority to functionality. Everything fits and looks fabulous! She and her team have done an impeccable job!

Video Testimonial from Roopa Deshmukh for Mirror Stories

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La Petite Chambre


Aroo & Shounak Director at Genolab Bio-Sciences Pvt. Ltd. Samvedana Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd.

We would like to thank Sonia from Livelywood for creating a perfect cozy bedroom for us. Mix of traditional with modern furnishings is what we always desired. Sonia not only fulfilled all of our requirements but added her signature style to make it a perfect space to call it our home sweet home. We highly recommend Livelywood for all your interior needs and wish her best for all future spaces she designs.

Ethnic Interior Decor


Mrs Chug Homemaker

In this regards I’d like to make a mention that Sonia was very positive from the first. She had been very supportive and keen throughout the project and had guided me through all the process very well. Some of the great things about her are as follows:
  • 1. Very humble and calm
  • 2. Respectful and a good listener who listens to what your needs are and gives you the right decision.
  • 3. Very precise in ordering raw materials. There is literally no waste after my work is done.
  • 4. Very open to suggestions. Since she knew my budget was tight and if she had to make the beds it would cost more , she told me to buy them online which was a very good decision.
  • 5. Very selective about her vendors. She has been working with vendors who don’t hurry and work as per your schedule.
  • 6. Very proactive with the schedule. Since she knew I was on a tight schedule she finished everything on time.
  • 7. Very responsible. She has been co ordinating with me very nucely. She has been very responsible for any issues that came in the home and had always given me the right decision.
  • 8. She sees things through. No interior designer goes out with you to shop your home stuff. She had been very keen in seeing my home work through and went with my mom to various places to shop for stuff needed in the house.
These are some of her good qualities. I thank her to make my home really beautiful. I had actually given up prior to meeting her but now I see how beautiful my house has turned up in the same budget and I can’t just stop thinking her.

I have and will keep on referring her across. Thanks to her for making my house so beautiful. Something which was just a dream is now a reality in front of me. Thanks to you to have introduced me to her.

Moroccan Open Bar
& Wine Holder

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Tanupreet Jolly Product Manager Capgemini

Colour Inspired Home
With Antiques

Sonia did a wonderful job of designing our house by reusing a lot of our old wood and furniture. It was surprising as we never knew we could turn our old worn out things into such beautiful pieces.
The team at livelywood was also prompt and ensured work was done well within the time. Would like to specially mention that Sonia took a lot of efforts to make sure this was completed within our budget – which wasn’t too much 😀 Truly lives upto to the name, lively-wood!!
Wish livelywood team all the best ! Hope you keep making many more such wonderful homes 🙂

Meghna Raveendra Leadership Programme Manager Bhumi

Engineer’s Office

Bipin Revankar Director Efficient Machine Accessories Pvt. Ltd Ecofresh Cold Storage & Warehousing Pvt Ltd

When we decided to make our office, we had several questions. We needed to fit a lot of staff, the MD needed a big cabin and we wanted the space to look spacious. We really did not imagine this space to look creative, after all it is an office of a manufacturing firm. And yet creativity , inspiring and impeccably detailed knowledge of commercial code was invaluable. Thanks to Livelywood, the headaches of a start up were few and manageable. Their assistance on any of our future project would be imperative and indispensable.
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