Doctors Office Gets A Makeover – Ballooooonni Balloon Library & Children’s Work Space!
My doctor client now has a consulting room, a waiting area, a small reception and a pretty little library with loads of goodies and space for toddlers to teenagers. When I met her, she was in great dilemma, she has a lot of books, little therapy sessions for kids and young patients, so how could she accommodate all this in her spare area? The room needed to look cute, bright, cheerful on one hand and on the other, demanded space for her books and work area for children. So here it goes…..
A central view of the room, a wash basin, a nice display of children’s work on a push pin board and a study on the side
I thought of displaying children’s inspirational handy-work on the central wall of the room. It made the room very warm and welcoming.
Making the room comfortable to sit and work was also important. In case of sessions, a spare examination bed was essential. Hence we gave it enough storage for books underneath and threw pillows to make it warm and inviting. So far, the view of the library has been hidden. Ardent readers often have problems, they can’t resist buying books and then, there is no place to stack them. Small open & closed shelving was made to display some interesting books and the stack the other reference books below them.
However, a desk, toy trunk and toys were important ingredients of this space. Yet everything needed to be compact and comfortable.
A Ballooooonni Trunk was made with a fluffy foam seating, with ample space which serves well as a bench for the table and fits perfectly under it, saving space and making it compact. A lot of people asked me if the cushion came off the trunk while opening it. The answer to this is no, it is completely removable with a removable cover as well and yet attached well to the trunk top.
The biggest highlight of the room were the Balloooonnni balloons on the wall. The light blue wall with a variety of air balloons painted on it made the room look colourful and alluring for not only kids but even adults.
I even thought of making a frilly light curtain to cover a small window. It did wonders to the wall and to the face of the entire room.


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