Geometry of a contemporary home
Every color has a certain impact on a décor. It’s simply a matter of style and looks. A color such as the best of yellow, for example, is bright and eye-catching and it would be a cheerful addition to a space such as the living room. In this home, a yellow couch is the centerpiece of the room. The question that remains in a contemporary interior design is “how will you decorate the space around it?” Simple with Greys & Whites!
Well, the options aren’t numerous. One idea we used were prints and patterns on the wall to integrate the yellow sofa into the living room without making it seem out of place. The accent pillows are quirky and fun and they combine well with the yellow on the sofa.
We’ve said this numerous times: yellow and gray are two colors that work beautifully together. They compliment each other nicely. One is fun and vibrant and the other one is dark and neutral. Together they create the perfect balance.
What we enjoy most about this seating area is the way the colors on the abstract wall frames reiterate throughout the space in various forms and blends in nicely.
If you prefer a décor that’s warm, welcoming and elegant without standing out in a bright or opulent way, this tone of yellow seems like a perfect choice, especially in combination with the golden wood finish and the surrounding neutrals. After all that’s a key to contemporary interior design!
But not all yellows have to be that bright and flashy. Mellow tones like greys can be very beautiful as well and they combine well with light wooden surfaces and with other soft colors. A sofa such as this one can be the unexpected touch of color in a neutral décor.yello


For me my home is my comfort zone, a place where I relax, read, invite tons of guests, and strongly believe in keeping my house neat and tidy. For me it was very important that the space is managed well as it is a 2-BHK apartment. I love open windows and a lot of sunlight, therefore the color scheme had match this requirement. It was a prerequisite that I have enough storage in the small apartment. I have a penchant for contemporary style interiors. I like to simplify things. I like geometric patterns and fresh colors. Sonia had a great understanding of requirements and readily designed appropriate furniture and offered a varied choice in the colour scheme. My daughter had some fixed ideas about the colour scheme like she wanted a yellow sofa in the living room and Sonia suggested a gorgeous color scheme of grey, yellow, white and brown for the living room. I think Sonia has a disciplined way or working, tries her best to follow deadlines and very professional in her approach to work. I have received many compliments for my home and I am very happy with how Sonia has designed and decorated my home!
All the Best,

Shubhangi Deshpande Divisional Manager, New India Assurance Co. Ltd., Pune

Trustee & Treasurer Nari Samata Manch, Pune

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