Home – Colour, Art & Tradition Inspired!
View of the farms, feel of the winds and openness of the large windows inspired me to take up this project. A small splash of colour was the only thing required to make it look cosy and inviting.
The living room is large with its king size windows and a terrace which opens to a farmland so vast that it is unbelievable to conceive that it is a part of Pune. The owners had some sturdy Sagwan sofas with orange jute upholstery which became my focal point and helped me design the rest of the home. The dark brown furniture helped me to tone down the blues of the walls, orange of the sofas and the yellow of the lamps. We made the room look retro with its retro sofas and a mix and match of wall decor.
To accentuate its retro look, we designed a corner shelf and a little magazine table to balance out the spaces and to help them store things. Instead of using veneers and laminates, I decided to give it an old rugged look to match the rest of the living space.
I also wanted to use some original artwork in this area. It had to be something that nobody would have in their homes. We got some paintings done for less and from the scrap we had.
A corner of the room was also made to store CDs, music system and their TV with a little bar and glass cabinet.
A dance studio became one of the other important themes of this home. The room belongs to an upcoming dancer who according to me should wake up every morning feeling inspired. Hence the ‘dance studio room’!
I could not forget the hallway and the entrance. They had to be classy and inviting. They provided storage for shoes, helmets, tools, newspaper, and inverter.
Lastly the master bedroom, done traditional with so much sunshine and freshness and a mixture of art from various parts of India.


Sonia did a wonderful job of designing our house by reusing a lot of our old wood and furniture. It was surprising as we never knew we could turn our old worn out things into such beautiful pieces.
The team at livelywood was also prompt and ensured work was done well within the time. Would like to specially mention that Sonia took a lot of efforts to make sure this was completed within our budget – which wasn’t too much 😀 Truly lives upto to the name, lively-wood!!
Wish livelywood team all the best ! Hope you keep making many more such wonderful homes 🙂

Meghna Raveendra Leadership Programme Manager Bhumi

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