Its A Twin Thing!
My twins are born on Aug 01, 2013….I know, its quite recent. But before they were born, I had a lot of work which needed to be done at home. Of course, I had no idea about how much I would need to do after they were born….Gosh!!! :O
Anyway, a part of my twin project was making their room ready. I didn’t know if I was going to deliver 2 boys or 2 girls or a boy-girl combo. Hence, wanted to create a space which would cater to any pair that would be born to us.
A lot of my friends suggested I make ample storage. A toy trunk, some drawers for their little clothes, etc. One of my architect friends called Aloka even suggested that I make a diaper changing station. I knew I had to plan this well. I needed enough storage and at the same time make arrangements to have all the above.
This diaper changing station below is simple. I also use it as an iron board. It is just a simple folded shelf which I pull out and unfold….it gives me a a whole long platform of 4ft. Voila…my babies get a changing space and I get a pain-free back! 🙂
Just recently, I also got my kitchen done. It had some old baskets which were in good condition. I didn’t have the heart to throw them. I wondered what could be done with them….until then, I realized that they could be a part of the wardrobes in the baby room. I was so happy, I could reuse so much!
I believe in hand-made things. After I got the room painted white and blue, I wondered what could go up the wall. I decided to make some wall frames myself. I wanted to use some basic material and have delightful picture frames mounted on the wall. Since the room was going to be shared by twins…similar frames were made. In this whole little craft making session, I did very less while my friends Aditi & Tanu, relished cutting, pasting and organizing these little newspaper hearts cuttings….
The twins being so little, still do not have their own beds. I decided to retain my futon for the time being. This futon is low and ideal for both of them. I turn it up into a sofa during the day and as the day ends, we convert it into a bed.
The kiddie room has long windows which overlook beautiful tall dense trees which is swamped with lovely birds, we decided to make a bench alongside the window. We designed it in a way, that kids can sit and enjoy their meals a little later at age. Since the window was 5ft long, we even decided to make small drawers for slender storage.
To make the room look happy, bright and cheerful, I decided to decorate with little things. Things like bright bold knobs on the wardrobes, cascading red jute lights and some pillows which would make their tiny room full of life! They say “It’s double the giggles and double the grins…And double the trouble if you’re blessed with twins.” I think I am blessed! 🙂


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