Minimalist home – beyond & beautiful

The residence of the Shah’s is a perfect fusion of minimalism that is aesthetically pleasing yet highly functional. Since they don’t reside in Pune and visit as and when, they needed something simple which is functional yet easily maintained!

This living room has a lot of neutral colors with paint choices to complement simple accessories. We chose calming, tranquil, and peaceful palettes which are so meaningful and subtle. We also got some greenery into this home to give it a sense of outdoor living. We designed the space in such a way to reduce clutter by making cabinets by the wall has helped us achieve clean lines and open spaces.
Mirrors are a great wall accessory for the dining room. They can make a room look larger, reflect natural light, and create depth when framed. We created a series of mirrors to break up the reflective surfaces. It adds balance to the wall and works with the long buffet. It also allows for food serving to be placed without interference. And above all, the beautiful paintings all over are done by their lovely daughter! So much for the art created at home!
Soft and nature-inspired to a bit to drama of the green bricked wall, this is the best green bedroom idea to steal! isn’t it? Feature walls are a common choice in a bedroom and here we have 2! Yet one creates a focal point and the other makes it look cosy and inviting! The mirror cabinets on either side of the bed makes the small bedroom look roomy and welcoming!
Moving on to the next bedroom, We wanted a bit of drama but preferred to avoid brash brights, and hence chose dark blue! This slightly moody feel provides the perfect backdrop for special touches like the geometric patterned soft furnishings and a little decorated corner on the study!
Lastly, we designed a small Pooja room in this home. we simply custom-designed a multi-tiered pooja unit complete with seamless drawers to store pooja essentials. A ‘jaali’ motif that helped us beautify the open glossy white space!
Keeping this home simple yet classy, gets its glamour and utility! The Shah’s loved it and that’s where we get another feather in our hat!


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