Riot Of Colours

A thing of beauty is joy forever. The rich, warm colours blended with bright couch, deep rectangular mirrors, exotic terrariums, subtle patterned wallpapers and comfortable furniture…all this and more and you have a place that is tranquil yet effervescent, cozy yet inviting. A rare combination with rustles up serenity with a hunt of boldness. Now that’s what we call a home of 2017. Another cozy nest by Livelywood.

In this space everything is kept neutral to allow the multi coloured couch to pop. The wood and metal keep the rather feminine lines of the sofa from taking over, while the touches of blue in the room create the perfect foil.

Even if your room has a classic look, a striking sofa, like this one, can really bring a room to life. We placed a cushion in a contrasting white for a really bold look.

The Blue Villa Mirror makes a captivating addition to this style decor. This rectangular mirror has a distressed wooden frame with a rustic blue finish. It brings a beautiful relaxed look to the room.

Adorned with exotic terrariums from The Stalk Market,  the room looks fresh and vibrant.

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