Terrace for romeo & juliette
Bright colors, fairy lights, small decor full of pep’s, shake this chromatic palette for a terrace full of good waves and here is how we have styled it all!
It flaunts a small bar counter with its bricked wall and the other side, features a separate lounge feel!
This outdoor space is certainly more romantic than the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet except less tragic! I would like to thank my dear friend Harshada and her family for letting me style this space.


Sonia totally surprised us when she converted our mundane terrace into something that looked straight out of an uber kool Pinterest or Instagram post! She added some floor seating,some greenery, some furniture and lit up the place with magical fairy lights. Wow..the place looked picture perfect! On the other side she added sleek chairs to our terrace bar counter and gave us a place from where we can now sit and gaze at the Pune mountains. What a view! Thanks Sonia for this fantastic makeover!!


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