The japandi style home
Designing this home for Nalawades was a lovely experience. They wanted everything simple and contemporary and yet classy! We worked around neutral colours of grey, white & browns.
Their home safety grey front door makes a lasting impression. It’s a colour that never seems to go out of style yet it manages to instantly update any style of door. Here, we have used a light grey like silver, with the white of a dove which creates a calm, tranquil entrance!
Into their living space, we incorporated the Japandi style where the east-meets-west trend combines relaxing, minimalist décor with a neutral palette and natural materials to create a restful retreat. We have used this style here because it suited the small living room, and gave a calming style making it feel larger and airier.
One of the aspects of Japandi interiors is to reconnect with nature to boost our overall well being which has been the focus here. We have channeled this in the dining room with a sesame dining table, linen tablecloth, earthen tableware and brass cutlery. And of course touches of greenery complete the look of this space!
One can’t forget the entertainment center! With a marble like finish with golden in lays, a pearl drop hanging lamp and groves to accommodate a dash of color, makes this wall classy! And of course, how can one avoid indoor plants!
Ah, yellow, the most cheerful colour of the rainbow and this apartment of Ajay & Pallavi! We have mixed bold modern pieces with traditional accents for an eclectic feel. These patterned linen curtains bring in a gentle touch that works nicely with the graphic coverlet and pillow, but the wall pieces are what really ties it all together!
This wash basin area is a timeless classic that can suit every household. The countertop and marble like tile adds elegance to its appearance, while the ceramic basin makes the setup cost-effective.
If your home doesn’t have enough space for a guest room but you host a lot, make one of the other rooms in the house (like the family room or home office) serve double duty. Just put a daybed in a corner—make it super cozy and comfortable!!
From contemporary to the Japandi style, we kept this home simple yet cozy! Who says designs can’t be mixed!


Pallavi and I are a minimalist couple. But Indian minimalist style takes on a slightly different approach compared to western counterparts. We loved how Sonia used subtle colours with monochromatic patterns in our home. For our size home, she has used sleek furniture, sharp angles, and a left bare wall that makes our space look open and airy! Right from the safety door to the curtains, her involvement and experience in home design was seamless. Love our space and how it turned out!
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