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Cover Page of Better Interiors Jan 2010
I can’t tell you how excited I am about a new opening for Lively-wood. After all the chaos and parties at the end of 2009, the interior design magazine Better Living focused on how to get back your life to normal by creating a calm and a meditative space.
Siddi, the Yoga chair and Aadhara, the Vajra Asana bench, the centre of the Blue Theme.
It all started from this beautiful store called Bliss in Andheri, Mumbai where I display my furniture. Since I have a very defined line in Yoga & Comfort, Mallika Desai Thakker, the owner of Bliss created a relaxed yet beautiful décor focusing all the meditative elements around Siddhi, the yoga chair.
Open Magazine
The colour hues of blue and beige give a perfect and serene look. It truly provokes a need for calm and peace in our lives. While talking with a friend of mine who has nothing to do with Yoga or meditation commented about how it inspired him to just be in the blue and beige moment. The products thus inspire a non-meditative individual as well.
A small focus picture of Siddhi – Yoga Chair
Besides the décor, the article also says ” The focus of the setting is the yoga chair which provides good posture while meditating” . Such has been my focus through my Yoga and Comfort line. There is also a lively apple green table-like thing called the Aadhara which facilitates people to sit comfortably in Vajra Asana. All this leads to comfort and helps meditation efficiently. For more details click on to


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